Ed Thomas’ April Blog

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Hello Volunteers,

April was a great month.  We built the Church building at San Isidro,
Bohol with a full house for dedication.  The first Sunday saw 5 baptisms
and 7 more followed during the week.  It is a pretty building high on the
hill named “Mountainview Church of Christ”.  You should be proud to be a
part of that build.  Thank you.
We thought we were finished, but weren’t.  We received word that the
2nd story project on the Leyte Bible College was funded and so in only 5
days, start to finish, we put on the second story and are ready now for
the next school year with 42 students enrolled !!  This is tremendous.
We barely had time to get some reports from other Churches around the
island which totalled 34 baptisms.  We also were able to buy the land at
Duero (with money that you all have sent in) and it is a beautiful
location just a couple of blocks from the ocean and across the street
from the elementary school.
Do you see what I meant by saying April was a great month ?  But the
big announcement is yet to come – – –
We have been looking for land for quite awhile for a Church Camp on
Bohol.  This year we had over 700 in Family Camp and were told that we
could not rent that place again next year.  Then about 22 acres became
available which is accessible from every direction in the center of Bohol
with a road right through the land.  It has over 1,000 coconut trees and
has over 5 acres of rice growing which is enough to support two families
comfortably. It has 3 ponds for the crops.  We can buy this land for
$32,000 which is not bad considering it is a working farm.  The preachers
have met and the ideas are overwhelming.  They want to clear a spot for
the Church Camp and have a caretakers house, drill a well, get electric
which is only 1/2 mile away now, have each Church (smaller Churches
combining) to build their own dorm all on a master plan so they will look
alike, basketball court, swimming pool built by volunteers, volleyball,
etc.  They want to hold family camp, age graded camps when school is out,
retreats, leadership seminars and open the camp to others like our
Churches on Leyte, Cebu, Negros and Mindanao (they have already indicated
that they want to come).  It has gone so far as to suggest that we hold
the Visayas (a group of several islands that all speak the Visaya
language) Convention there as well as the YACC (Youth Annual Conference
for Christ).  It is a bold plan, but it gives the Churches a chance to
dream, hope, plan and work together.  I want you to pray that the Lord
will bring this to pass.  We have a Filipino farmer who has tentatively
agreed to farm the ground and live there year around for no pay and only
a percentage of the crop.  The camp will be self supporting from the
crops.  A Church in Illinois is considering giving to the land.  A young
man from Illinois is planning to come and live there on the grounds to
help develop the Camp.  Many things are happening.  We hope WMB can be a
key player in this project.  It will be ongoing and probably take several
years to complete.  My retirement seems to be getting further away
instead of closer !!

Keep prayed up,

Bro. Ed