Ed Thomas’ August Update

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Hello Volunteers,

August started out with us preparing the foundation for the large
building that we will build in October at Diffun Quirino. Then we went
on to Tanay, Luzon to build the Church building there. We built in the
middle of two typhoons that you watched on TV in America. We had water
running in the streets. I wanted to ride in a boat in front of the
Church site, but to tell the truth, it wasn’t quite deep enough. Our
ground was high enough to escape the flood thanks to the fill that was
put in a couple of months ago in preparation for the trip. We had to put
the roof on before we poured the floor because of the continual rain. We
finished up all but the last coat of paint on the bottom which was
finished before the second Sunday in the new building. We saw 8 baptized
along with 23 other baptisms reported in August. It is really
fullfilling to see souls being added in spite of all the problems of the
world. The Gospel is always fruitful and I believe that is what keeps
the mission work going in season and out of season. We saw the new
building filled to capacity for the dedication and we enjoyed a roast pig
as part of the celebration.

We have had to purchase some more books for the Bible College on Leyte
and are taking them over in a couple of weeks. Books are costly (those
of you with students know what I am talking about) and are not built
into our budget for the school. If you have some spare dollars that you
were going to throw in the trash, send them instead to: WMB 8160 S.E.
Star Rd. Baxter Springs, Ks 66713 and we will use them for books. Our
total book bill came to $412.34. Any help will be appreciated.

In October, we will be starting the new well at San Isidro in
preparation for the new Church building there to be built in April 13.
The people have heard about our wells and they wanted me to put in some
“magic” water. What they are referring to is that we build a stand and
put a storage tank above the roof of the building so that gravity flows
the water enough for a shower, flush toilet and sink. The get water from
the ground, but it doesn’t flow uphill and so they take a bath from a
bucket and carry water for washing, etc. Our water is “magic” because it
flows down from above, but they have to pull theirs up with a rope ! You
have never gotten the mileage out of the Scriptures about water that I
have. Let me tell you, the Water of Life has taken on a whole new
meaning to me.

Our World Mission Builders basketball team in the Philippines with
uniforms and all, has just won the Cebu Bible Seminary basketball
tournament ! These preachers are thrilled to death and it has united
them into more than a basketball team as they invite each other for
revivals and seminars. I am seeing a new level of enthusiasm that can’t
do anything but keep me young and wanting to build more for the Lord.
Thanks to everyone of you who help us with funds, encouragement and
prayers. Keep it up as it is working in more ways than you can imagine.

God bless,

Bro. Ed, Pat, Becky