Ed Thomas’ July 2012 Update

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Hello Volunteers,

July was an interesting month with 22 baptisms reported.  I knew this
would be a little lower because I took 8 preachers from Bohol, 1 from
Leyte, 2 from Cebu, 1 from Sitiquoir and 2 from Luzon to build the Chapel
at LaCastellana, Negros.  Most of the work was done by the crew from
Eureka Springs, Ar.  A beautiful Church was built and the fellowship was
really inspiring.  I leave tomorrow to build the Church at Tanay, Luzon.
We want to give thanks that the land was purchased at San Isidro,
Bohol.  We look forward to building the Church there next year.  Another
opportunity has come up that I wanted to mention:  We have been offered
land at “half price” at Duero, Bohol across the street from the school.
This Church has been renting the Community Building for services.  The
owner of the land likes the Church.  He had the land for sale at $10,000
US, but offered it to the Church for “half price”.  When we sat down to
talk, it turns out that he wants $6,250 from us.  Now I know our math
puts a different figure on this, but how do you teach an older man that
“half” of 10 is 5 if he is convinced that it is 6250 ?  Anyway, I told
him that I would put the word out and see if the Lord moved on someone’s
heart for this need.  If you want to help, send your check to World
Mission Builders at 8160 S.E. Star Rd. Baxter Springs, Ks 66713 and put
Duero Land on the for line.  Thanks.
We had to replace some roofing metal and wondered what to do with the
old metal.  We didn’t have to wonder long before requests started coming
in.  We used part of it for a front porch on a Church and a kitchen for a
parsonage.  Then we roofed a bedroom (actually half of the house) for a
couple with a little girl, that had a hole about 3 feet in diameter right
over the bed.  I asked what they did when it rained and they said, “Move
the bed.”  I guess that works over here.  Then we had a couple that were
living with his parents.  Their dream was to build a new home on the
family ground, but they couldn’t afford the roof.  They could use bamboo
(whole for the supports, split for the floor, flat for the interior and
woven for the walls), but they could never in their life afford the metal
for a roof.  They could use cogan grass or Nipa, BUT we had some used
metal that we gave them and they are absolutely as thrilled as a kid at
Christmas.  Both families want a Bible study as they are not Church
members and we have set that up.  What do we call this new method of
evangelism, “Used Roof Evangelism” ??
NOTE – We had a computer mini-crash and lost our mailing list.  I
reconstructed the list and hope everyone is getting this note.  According
to the figures, some new ones have been added.  Maybe you were supposed
to already be on the list and now are.  Anyway, we are back up and

God bless,

Bro. Ed, Pat, Becky