Ed Thomas’ March Blog

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March was one of our busiest months even though we didn’t have a
building team going.  I was scheduled in a different  Church each Sunday
and we saw 47 baptized into Christ for the remissions of sins and to
receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit.  These are exciting times.  We
finished preparation for the San Isidro build in April and put in the
foundation for the Mandaue build in July.  We finished preparations for
adding the second story of the Leyte Bible College.
My son, Tommy, arrived to help out for a month and we attended the
Family Camp represented by all 28 Churches on the island with about 700
present.  It was a time of prayer, Bible study, classes, worship services
and a lot of family sports with swimming, volleyball, basketball and a
lot of games for the kids.  The Thomas “boys” played in the Preachers
Basketball game.  It was exciting as we had a PA with announcer to call
the play.  The shortest Filipiino was called for “goal tending”, so you
can see it was fun.  It came down to a one point game with 3 seconds left
and the team behind got the last shot, but missed !  March Madness in the
States has nothing on Family Camp Basketball !
We were able to finally purchase land in Duero.  They have a growing
congregation in a rented building.  We obtained land across from the
elementary school and only 2 blocks from the ocean, large enough for
Church, parsonage and basketball court.  We paid $1200 down which you
have sent in (thank you) and owe 4 more payments of $1200 which we hope
you send in (thank you and mark your check, Duero land).  When we get the
land paid off, we will plan the building.  Allan Eshang is the preacher
with a wife and child and I believe they will lead this Church in a great
way.  It is a humbling experience to be able to help out in so many ways
over here knowing that I could do nothing without the support of those
back home.  God is blessing your efforts and only in heaven will we all
meet and share the stories fully.
Louisville Bible College is sending one of their professors, the World
Famous Jim Bowyer,  to teach and hold a seminar at the Leyte College
while on the trip this July.  I am seeing for the first time what A.B.
McReynolds always said, “The best dollar you can give is to a Loyal Bible
College”.  I believe this is the real future for the Philippines: to
train up the young people to go out and Evangelize.  Thanks for your help
in this endeavor as well.
Keep your prayers going as they are obviously working and we’ll keep
trying our best to make sure the Gospel is spread.

God bless,

Bro. Ed and family