Ed’s Blog for February, 2013

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Hello Volunteers,

We finished the Church building in Datag, Bohol, Philippines in Feb.
We had a little extra money and the building turned out very nice all
painted and trimmed out. They worked about 3 more days after the team
left to make everything just right for Sunday with chairs for all. They
can’t wait to have Sunday evening services with the new lights shining
out the glass windows for all the town to see. We had 10 baptisms on
dedication night in the new baptistry with 2 more Sunday. We had a total
of 43 baptisms reported around the island for Feb. Thanks to all for the
help and the farming community of Datag will be a blessing for many souls
in the future.
Sometimes it is nice to have an emergency !! The Bible College in
Leyte is finishing the first year in March and will have vacation for 2
months, starting the new school year on the 1st of June. Now the
emergency is this: This Bible School is so popular that we are having an
influx of new students. They need space. We can only go up. So, we
need to build a second story during the months of April and May. I have
asked Joe to see if he can find some money for this project. If you want
to help, send to Joe or WMB at 8160 S.E. Star Rd. Baxter Springs, Ks
66713 and mark the check “2nd story”. Thanks in advance for helping in
this “emergency”.
Pat & Becky are really wanting to get back over here, but of course,
family comes first and we need to make sure Pat’s mother is stable before
leaving her. This means that I may have to go back and forth a couple of
times extra this year. It makes it harder, but it is sure worth it to
see all the victories for the Lord happening over here. Thank you for
your part in making this all happen.
We will put in the well and get the foundation ready for the building
in San Isidro this month. The team will be building this building in
April. We are also doing some getting ready at the Mandaue location for
the build in July. It usually takes a year to get ready to build a
building. Many people are just in on the 10 days when we go from the
ground up and don’t see all the prep work that it takes to get materials
and prep the land. For example, we just PLOWED the San Isidro land to
get it levelled up so we can put in a good foundation. Some of you
farmers didn’t know we plowed Church lots and so now you will want to be
on the advance party !
Closing thought – I had a guy stop me today who is not a member of any
of our Churches, but is interested. He thanked me for building Church
buildings around the island and he said, “I know you will build one close
to me someday and I will attend.” That comment will stay with me for a
long time. How about you ?

God bless,

Bro. Ed, Pat, Becky