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Hello Volunteers,

October saw us building the big Church building at Diffun, Quirino,
Philippines. It was completed on schedule and really looked nice. That
is our first Church building in that area of the Philippines. We were
well received by local officials and we trust the Church will be a light
that gets brighter in this area. We went on down to the Bible College in
Leyte and found a BIG problem – we have more students than space !! The
word was put out, prayer was offered and we now have another classroom
built and being used. It took us only a week to complete this project.
We added up the baptisms reported around the projects and were pleasantly
surprised to see 34 baptised into Christ for the month.
We are getting ready for another 9 month tour and plan to leave in
January. We will build the Church at Tanjay, Negros in February, San
Isidro, Bohol in April and Mandaue City, Cebu in July. We plan on then
taking a building break and teaching at the College in Leyte. We need
another computer there which costs about $500. If anyone has this amount
laying around collecting dust, we could use it. Send to WMB 8160 S.E.
Star Rd. Baxter Springs, Ks 66713 and put “computer” in the for place on
the check. Thank you.
Some months back, I told you about a Church at Datag, Bohol. We had
several baptisms in an irrigation ditch and the Church has grown to 29
families now. They obviously need a building. This work is now in the
prayer stage as we seek to know the Lord’s will for this congregation.
Join us in this prayer and let me know if there is anything on your heart
about this village work. Many times over the years, there have been
those who have encouraged and supported a work that they have never seen,
but that the Lord has laid on their heart to help. We are sensitive to
these things and always welcome your input and comments.
Health – I saved this comment until last. I have had some sickness
that was hard to track down. I have had MRI’s for brain tumors (they
couldn’t find a brain), EKG’s, inner ear infections, etc. etc. and they
finally nailed it down to Meniere’s disease. The last straw was when my
blood pressure was 202/108. They got it down to 186/108 and finally to
112/72. When you drop that fast and that far that quick, you might have
a problem standing up. Anyway, I am on medication and getting stabilized
and hope to be laying block before long. Someone said that things go
wrong when you get old. Maybe I am getting old, but I hope the Lord uses
me just a little longer before I roll up the mat.

Thanks for the prayers and God bless,

Ed, Pat, Becky